Joanita Herrenknecht Cordula Kehrer
formica patterns_

formica patterns Freie Projekte
These are five fine pattern designs we made for the Formica competition in 2005. We didn't win but had great fun and they all went on an exhibition tour with Formicas style research team. The tiles are 60x60 inch big - the designs are still ours, so if you are interested let us know!

yuki: is a graphic snowflake patter. once you look at it, it is as if little patterns arise like snowflakes blossom on a clear winters' day...
digits: is a golden labyrint printed on a white background. delicate and fine and so strange... like drinking japanes sake and getting lost in translation.
matrix: is our pattern for the psycho retro nerd, who loves the sixties and playing tetris...
frame: this pattern consists of three tiles - so you can create frames on your floor - framing what ever you wish...
track your field: works like the frame pattern - three tiles - you can create a sportif & fun leading system or graphic comments on the floor.

Joa & Cordi, 2005