Matthias Ries

WechselWand umdeuten, umnutzen, um... 2001 www.matthiasries.com/...
You can change the motives of your “wall facing” easily by just pulling the paper stripes. The stripes are connected by a hook and loop fastener which enables a quick change of the stripes.
A variety of different assortments becomes possible. Different stripes for different moods or flavours. Even merchandising would be an option (e.g. the Simpsons, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, etc.). A capricious piece of a wall facing.
The project by Prof. Albus had the aim to rethink about existing finished or semi finished products and put them into a different context but still keeping an eye on there functions. I chose paint roles for “WechselWand” and took the ability of rolling to give it a new function.