Laura Daphne Bernhardt

AFRODITI West goes East: "Sitting" 11.11.2005 - 04.04.2006
Thoughts about the wintertime are evoking memories of silence and relaxing days, sitting in front of a fireside, cocooned in warm woolen fabrics. The cold weather gets a cosy touch. Knitted wool evokes this comfortable feeling of creating oneself a home. But grandmother's old technique may turn a romantic moment down. A translation of an old technique into modern life, makes me think of a contrast between the object made of knitted fabric and space. I found the execution by increasing the scale of knitting to an unconventional dimension. That makes knitting capable of developing a construction for a sitting object.
As unexpected the scale of the technique seems to be, as surprising the material will be perceived. Because of its soft and elastic quality, foamed plastic is a perfect material to fill and pad furniture sitting parts. The material couldn't heat up a high aesthetic feature therefor it's always covered.The most common use of plastic foam appears in forms of mattresses and block shapes. This compact feature is a controversesive appearance of its real haptic.

Both the technique of knitting and the foamed plastic material operate with the ambivalence of a big volume compared to a very low weight. By complementing each other, this creates a corresponding solution to both of their characters. An inflated line is the construction of an inflated linear structure.

By using stripes of foamed plastic instead of conventional knitting yarn, the material and the technique give up their normal characters for presenting their real internal sensation to us.

Based on the expanded meshes and the foamed material it's possible to create a volume for a sitting object.