Susanne Feldt

NEOPLASIE Freie Projekte

«The upholstery»

The surface of upholstery
Transformation of the decorations

Neoplasie is a form concept as a result of the transformation of an upholstered surface.
Sewing the bottoms used for upholstery, transforms the foam and creates new contours. Its form starts from a conventional diamond upholstery structure.
This diamond structure gets slowly developed further in to a complex organic structure which grows freely in to a new shape.
Different islands of upholstery are the result of the developing of this organic structure. The upholstery „attacks“ like a sickness and other pieces of furniture get into the whole space.

PU-foam coated with a rubber coating

describes the malignant growth of new cell structure. It can be both physiological
regeneration of a cell structure (for example epithet structure) and also an autonomous, pathological growth of a tumor