Joanita Herrenknecht
Im Raum_

Im Raum Freie Projekte 2004
Im Raum ("Indoors") - products for seniors

Most elderly persons don't get out that much. This might be because of the lacking feeling of safety, their few social contacts or their affliction. By all means this problems don't just come up outside, they also exist in their own private walls.

Sometimes it's just those small silly things that bug, for example the flowerpots infront of the window, which don't let you open it and look outside, to see what the people are doing on the street - sometimes it's those other things that make you wonder "what day is it? and what time is it again?" - letting you feel insecure and unoriented, even at home.

Through the insight in the world of living of "silversurfers" or "goldenagers" I made cognitions, which I translated into three products. Into a mobile flower meadow "Raumwiese", a wristwatch and a the hear-well pillow "Hörgut". All of them are easy to handle and apply especially for elderly persons, whitout making them look like senior products.

The "Raumwiese" provides the feeling of a small garden in the appartment, the "Zeitgenau" wristwatch gives a concrete LED time display - avoiding the puzzling about the position of the watch hand (which is by far to small for aged eyes) and the "Hörgut" pillow filters all the unbeloved ambient noises out of the hearing aid, without disturbing others nearby, while turning up the volume when watching TV or hearing music. Thus providing you a little more freedom and peace.

Vordiplom Joanita Herrenknecht, Oktober 2004
Prüfer: Prof. Albus, Prof. Aisslinger