Philipp Scholz

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audio guide
an audio guide provides a recorded spoken commentary, normally through a
handheld device, to a visitor attraction such as a museum. this system
operates automatically (no control unit). it senses (gyroscope, accelerometer)
the location and the target object (3d-model, line of sight) and provides
the related content (bone conduction).

alice band
the line of sight is determined by an alice band. the target object has to be
focused a certain period to start the related content. gyroscope, accelerometer
and bone conduction are implemented.

bone conduction
bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of
the skull. it does not block outside sound. interaction is possible.

a 3D-model of the location and its targets is the basis for synchronisation.

i chose an alice band for its unobstrusiveness in comparison to e.g. glasses
or headphones without loosing the favoured characteristics (headheld, simplicity).
the absoluteness it operates within a defined space within a defined time is