Susanne Feldt
Colours of wood_
Brotkasten_ breadbox

Colours of wood Freie Projekte

Puzzeling wood, this technique is used for cutting boards. Crossing the wood drawings as often as possible avoids cutting marks.
This technique is refelcted to the hole box.
The shape of the box follows the organic shape of bread.
The box is very light, the lid which functions as a cutting board is very heavy.
The box is a container to store bread, but at the same time a presentation bowll on the table. For Sunday breakfast you might take the bread out to cut it on the board, at the same time you can use the bowl for baps!


This knifeholder has 12 different shaped peaces of ash, which are put together in a long string.

The metall of the knifes works as a mirror. It reflects the colour inbetween the wood peaces.
This peace should awake your curiosity for colours, to play with the colours, discover them through a normal everyday action.


Ash is strong and flexible wood, which is used for example for tools and sport equitement.
It is able to absorbs strong hits.
Historical ash was use for food bowls, the wood has almost no smell and taste.

If you take the lid off of the bowl you can use the downpart as a plate. The lid can be used as a bowl.
To eat of a wood plate gives you the feeling of being at home.
The jute-felt belt close the bowl. By the same time it protects the wood.