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Malko Magazinche_
malko magazinche

Malko Magazinche WSS#07 Clotheshangers and Presenting machines 11.05.2009 - 15.05.2009 www.peterschaefer.net
MALKO MAGAZINCHE is a concept for a movable small shop. Easy and cheap in construction and due to open source/ free access to the instruction and idea it could be used by everyone who is looking for a flexible and independent selling room.

The idea for MALKO MAGAZINCHE was developed after touring different spots in Sofia, especially the Jenski market, a large open-air market in the inner city. It is common practice in Sofia to get groceries and everyday items on the market – MALKO MAGAZINCHE is inspired by this cultural habit and the ordinary market stall. The designers developed a new form of presenting design, adjusted to this environmental situation.

MALKO MAGAZINCHE is a mobile shop, a recognizable display and appropriate fitting room all in one. The designer is enabled to place it at any space and react instantly on changing circumstances. Using the given structure of an already existing market, gallery or public place MALKO MAGAZINCHE integrates itself into the surrounding. The red tape outlines the showroom.
Provided with the construction sheet that is also the purchase list all needed parts can be bought at ONE local (hardware) store. The basic principle of using everyday life objects like car components or household articles offers both easy purchase and expansion with further objects the designer my need for his individual form of presentation. MALKO MAGAZINCHE in this case designed for the needs of presenting fashion converts the use of objects like the car mirror or the bathroom curtains – becoming a fitting mirror and a sheltered fitting room.

Team: Silvia Posavec, Georgi Florov, Aleksandar Gerginov, Peter Schäfer
Thanks to: BLESS, Neli Mitewa, Ghoete Institut Sofia