Ada Bauer
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Eikon Fotowettbewerb 02.02.2011 - 30.04.2011 www.eikon.at/...
Prohibitions in the Space of Art
EIKON Photography Competition 2011 *

EIKON announces a Europe-wide competition for photography on the subject of prohibitions in the space of art. This competition is directed at all those who think the discussion of conventions is important when it comes to dealing with art or our behavior within spaces dedicated to art. An expert jury will choose both the three prizewinners and the best works, which will then be shown in a three-week exhibition at Leopold Museum in Vienna.

*The Topic

*Art is "fragile;" "do not touch;" "do not cross the line" surrounding an artwork. But the space for the beholders behind the line is also subject to certain rules of behavior. That our approach to art is ruled by conventions becomes clearly visible when we consider the capacity for critique attributed to art and the refusal of regulation.

Terms and Conditions, EIKON Photography Competition, 2011 at www.eikon.at

Colour Photografie
Inkjet Print 54*72 cm

Title "Affiliation Kemer"


My Work associates with the affiliation of fragile space. The Image shows a strong quantity moved towards the acting beyond the lines set of belief in Turkey - a culture that is set and framed among the rule by conventions.
On that particular outlying area in Kemer , the refusal of regulation was bonding with a snap shot feeling of solidarity. The relatedness was the act of “taking the waves together” between me and an Iranian girl. She held out her hand to me and we stood on a concrete stone together waiting for the open sea waves to capture the affiliation. Her mother - dressed in traditional Hijab Style – stood in the background on the concrete walk. She maintained in her traditional way, to not go beyond what she wasn´t taught to do.
Focused by the esplanade of grid grounding platform my Image works with the contrast between the solidarity of the close off of concrete and mark off tape at the outlying area.

Submission : 30 April