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Guten Morgen_Guten Appetit_
Good Morning

Guten Morgen_Guten Appetit Good Morning
Storytelling at the sikent breakfast table

Our breakfast products aim to reshape social interaction, the daily rituals and the habits around the home kitchen table in stressful everyday life.

We embrace an interest in relevant world news and revive the culture of reading newspapers at the table, sharing the information with the family and discussing the facts in our social surrounding, with Nutella Toast! The Nutella gets screen printed on toast which changes the visual qualities of spreads on bread and gives a delightful connection between both materials.

The chocolate boat which sinks into hot milk emphasizes the interaction between two products in comboning into a new exquisite taste. The hot milk deforms the chocolate boat, until it sinks and reappears with a change of colour and the unique taste of hot chocolate.

The Tidbits-finger captures human interaction with food as we enjoy nibbling spreads like Nutella or peanut butter. But instead of licking them from a cold spoon, knife or fingers, we created a biscuit fingertip to put over our fingers and enjoy the sweet delight without getting dirty fingers and while adding the complementary taste of cookies.

The Tea Bag anchor celebrates the ceremony of drinking morning tea. The change of the shape manipulates the design icon of the usual tea bag. The anchor gets submerged into the hot water.

The edible biscuit spoon and bread knife to nibble on, do not only make washing up unnecessary, but also eliminate environmental concerns about plastic crockery. The spoon and knife extend the purpose of the cutlery beyond their conventional use. They become delicious food themselves.
The spoon which you normally use to stir liquids, becomes soaked with coffee and releases the sugar off the tip and can get nibbled off. And the bread knife used to apply spread can be licked as people already do, or even nibbled off.

Our stories of the breakfast table could emerge in several situations throughout the whole day. The teabag could anchor in the office tea kitchen, the biscuit spoon could sweeten your experience in the coffee place around the corner.
The products are going to bring laughter and stories into social interaction. They will inspire communication. People become inspired through a visual, olefactory and taste experience.