Susanne Feldt Andrea Koppenborg
Silikon- Vorhang_

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silicon curtain
Working and experimenting with different materials may require many trials and errors in order to achieve a result. This product found a concrete shape following this premise.
Initially, the idea was to get to know different materials such as foam, silicon and resin, after combining them with different fabrics.We found the mixture of silicon and thin fabrics particularly appealing, as the silicon fused with the fibres in the cloth.
We then examined how we might put this mixture to use. The idea of a curtain came almost immediately. Curtain that sticks by itself to the window pane.
We poured silicon in patterns on the tulle. The two materials have been inextricably united. The silicon samples are slightly sticky, and form suction cups that are attached to the pane.
By moving the silicon patterns, the fabric can be gathered and styled. Everybody can create their own individual curtain.