Stefania Curto Prisca Fey Berta Riera

Entrée Tabula Rara 11/2006 menu.hfg-karlsruhe.de

This project is based on the notion of a dining table as the central piece of furniture in our everyday lifes:
Our table setting yet shows a slight switch of roles:
We chose to make the dishes the protagonists and kept the wooden legs from an archetypical table.
The arrangement allows you to spread the single objects in the room to compose groups as well as to combine the different heights and sizes.
The landscape may change but will always reflect the user's way of living.

Showed in the Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan TABULA RARA 30th november - 31st december 2006.
by Stefania Curto, Prisca Fey and Berta Riera Pomés