Manuela Michalski

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Collaborative project with China Academy of Arts Hangzhou/ China

The concept of “salto” is based on the following situation: friends joining each other at someone‘s home. An occurring problem is to have a seat for everyone, especially for sudden guests. On the one hand, you want them to make themselves comfortable. On the other hand, you don‘t want to buy some more chairs. When they are unused you need a place to store them.
“Salto” is furniture that can be used in various situations and locations. It can accommodate to different requirements and circumstances such as changing numbers of guests. In the meantime, it withdraws from the living area, when guests are gone.
The minimal kit and the basis of a collective sitting with friends are having a seat and a central point for setting down like drinks and meals. You don’t need anything above. “Salto” is an unassigned all-round object, stack- furniture, seating furniture, storage furniture. One item- composed of a corpus and seating pillow- offers seats for two people. Other units may be added on.
“Salto” has no selected areas of application. It’s your matter how you make use of it. Among the units there is an interaction. If you don’t need it as a seat, or a table, or a bench you can use it as a shelf. Depending on the arrangement of particles there are a few options of use. “Salto” affords a spontaneous reacting to different situations.