Susanne Feldt

Schattenspiel Light and Dark – Black and White
Play with shadow
* visual effects
I tried to respond to the them ‘black & white, light & dark’ in a very visual way. The effect that I focused on is created with light and the shadow of a lamp; not necessarily with drop shadows, but rather the shadow inside the object/material.
Glass bowls can create fascinating shadows. Lighting transparent materials spawns many shades.
With a strong light, the glass could look as if it were white. Inside the material, many colours can be seen.
The overlapping corners instead look quite dark. The reflection on the glass appears white. Also really interesting are the reflections in the room created by other sources of light.
The glass balls in the lamp are filled with water so that the underlying area is distorted by a fish-eye effect.
Slight changes can vary the effect of the lamp. Depending on the illumination of the lamp and the lighting in the room, a mirror environment is created by the water. Considering the above, the lamp is integrated perfectly with its environment.