Joanita Herrenknecht Martin Sprekelsen
magic numbers_

magic numbers Voyager 09.06.2003 - 13.06.2003


Is about a collection made by all the vast numbers surrounding us. The building is based on the Pythagoras - you enter it through the small cube, there you are asked to provide some numbers to your person, birthdate, height, etc. numbers you give away constantly - these are collected and printed onto your entry ticket, when you enter the collection you slip your card into a card reader. This machine then projects your numbers as a string on the big wall, enlarging the collection of numbers and producing a divers picture - layers and layers of numbers are shown - all displaying the numbers provided by the visitiors...

In the third cube you can listen to sounds generated by your combination of numbers. The collection itself is temporary and created to be a touring exhibition. - The project is the result of a workshop with Miguel Baptista from Lisboa, Portugal.

Martin Sprekelsen und Joanita Herrenknecht