Andreas Grindler

Fruitsbasket Wrong Materials 09.12.2005 - 13.12.2005
I created some kind of plate or fruits basket. Ususally you only have seperate plates. The belt's quality is, you can connect two plates or baskets by one belt, if you wrap it around them in the shape of an "8". You can unroll them and put them away from each other or you can roll 'em up and put them close together, something you and your friends can have fun with. You can place the smaller basket into the big one if you want to tidy them up in your shelf.

Most fruitsbaskets are made of porcelain or glass, which are usually hard materials. My concept shows a new approach to this common solution. The flimsy belt has a very strong and at the same time very smooth and silky consistence.
To a certain degree you can mold and bend it. Then it takes the shape of the basket's content. Every time you use it, it gets an irregular and different look that may prevent you from getting bored.