Nadine Meisel

Insight0I0 1999

Projekt: " Built Platon´s Cave"
bei: Prof. Daniel Libeskind

“Plato’s” “story of “the cave”” as “understood” by “Nadine Meisel” :

”the cave“ ”our reality (as ”the cave“)“
----------- = -----------------------------
”our reality” ”outside reality”

I’m conscious of “Plato’s cave-system” as an encapsulation of different caves, each one as a sphere of awareness. “Insight outside?”
There’s no way to build this 3-dimensionally because of it’s infinite self-similarity and size.
I cannot build one cave from the inside, as I’m never sure which cave I’m in and as soon as I build walls, it would be a view from the outside.
I see the relationship between the inside and outside as a matter of light and reflection in space.
This is leading to “Insight 010” as a mechanism to experiment with various perceptions of reality in order to become aware of the relative truth of “what I’m seeing”.

Put yourself into space with “Insight 010”:

“Insight 010” is a construction which is worn and spins around your head, giving you the perception of space.
The mirrors all around are arranged in such a way that you never get a perspective of the environment.
“Insight 010” changes direction and movement and puts yourself into your own view.
Nothing you see is in it’s place !
Insight outside ?
Inside & outside merge together.
As I move around, I experience absolute disorientation within a familiar sphere.
When relaxed, I feel removed from my original sphere into a generated one. But when trying to orientate I find myself somewhere inbetween .