David Hanauer
twelve holes for each single letter

TWO-HANDED-STAMP umdeuten, umnutzen, um...

der "two-handed-stamp" soll aufzeigen, welch große wirkung ein stempel haben kann. er ist eine metahper für die brachialität und brutalität in der heutigen zeit. er steht für willkür, unwissenheit, desinteresse und für unüberlegtes, voreiliges handeln bzw. abstempeln.

The two-handed stamp shows the great impact a stamp can have. It is a metaphor for the harshness and brutality of the times we live in. It stands for arbitrariness, ignorance and indifference as well as inconsiderate and rash actions or judgements.
With the two-handed stamp you are free in speech even if you’re wrong. You can brand anything you want.
I decided to brand clothes and by doing this stereotype the people wearing them, impose my opinion upon them or arbitrarily claim ownership.
Per strike, you have 3 fields with 12 holes each at your disposal. Due to the hole-structure and the rubber inserts the stamp can be used with letters, numbers or other symbols.