Matthias Ries

fragments:music:child 2002 www.matthiasries.com/...
“fragmente:musik:kind” was done for the project “unplugged – children stuff”.
“unplugged”, because it was not necessary to present a final solution for a problem, but a short personal statement, a sketch of an idea with simplest means and within shortest time (2 weeks). My project gives a theoretical approach for the topic “child”. With the help of song-lyric fragments I attempted to circumcise the topic “child”. This can be used as a help for developing products for children. No psychologists or child pedagogues had been asked, but statements were taken that already existed. Songwriters are more neutral voyeurs, just like we are, without a specific knowledge. The text-fragments were cut as sound files without any fading effects (“unplugged”). Two speakers play the file in a loop. In addition the text is plotted to read while listening to the music. The presentation is simple and raw as well. I chose fragments that included the word “child”. The composition of the order had been done randomly. The music is limited to my own personal music collection.