Matthias Ries

public_glow Freie Projekte 2004 www.matthiasries.com/...
A piece of furniture for public space. A chair, a table, a couch, …
“public glow” populates the streets, public parks an public squares of the city. The piece of furniture will be rearranged, taken to somewhere else and grouped. New places and niches, which are determined only by the users of “public glow”, will arise. Wherever you can find “public glow” in the city, you know that someone “marked” that place as pleasant. These places, as the city itself, will be under a permanent change.
Using the polymer DualGlow®, which gives any object a phosphorescent effect that lasts at least for 8 hours, the “public glow” objects invite the public to stay and rest in the evening hours as well as on daylight. The glow effect also reduces the feeling of danger in public parks and changes them to a pleasant meeting point. Beautiful locations of the city for which “public glow” is an indicator, can be seen during night time and widen ones view of the city. “public glow” becomes an urban glow worm.
A handle and the low weight make it easy to rearrange “public glow”. There is no fear of theft, because taking the object somewhere is part of the concept.